Daily and Weekly Walks
           Offered in NE, SE and Downtown Minneapolis

               *$12 for 20 minute walk

*$16 for 30 minute walk
    *$4 Additional pet from the same family
       *$3 charge if outside 3 mile radius
​*Prices do not include tax.

Pet Sitting in my home (NE Minneapolis)

I accept Cash, Checks, Venmo and PayPal. Please confirm your total before using PayPal. Prices do not include tax. 

First Pet $33  *Additional pets from the same family $20 each

    Pick up or drop off of pets or key $5.  $9 outside of 3 mile radius

If pets are dropped off at my home after 7pm, it will be 1/2 off the full day charge. If pets are picked up before 9am, it will be 1/2 the full day charge. Pricing is per day, not in 24 hour increments.

*Pricing does not include tax.

​*Late fee of $5 per every 20 minutes may be charged if not communicated.

 Other Services

      $36 for one 20-30 minute massage (Certified)
    $10 Ear Cleaning
      Nail Trims : $12 (4 paws) $6 (2 paws)
    $10 Fluids per Pet. As always, other medications free!
  $40 Yard Poop Scoop

$5 Brushing
     $22 Trip to the Vet or Groomer

        (All charges are the owners responsibility.)
​    *Prices do not include tax.

  Pet Sitting in your Home

   $22 for the first trip of the day
$12 for each additional daily trip

    Add $5 to first trip of the day outside
                 of 3 mile radius (From 55413) 
        $3 for each additional pet
    $9 per 20 minute walk, per pet

               *Prices include potty breaks, feedings, play time, bringing in mail, lights, etc.
                                 *Prices do not include tax.


Day Care

(On an as needed basis)

        *$25/day for one dog

     $.    *$15/day for second dog from same family

               *9 per walk

                        *Prices include feedings

                           ​*$5 charge for pick up/drop off                                                           within a 3 mile radius.

​                                *Prices do not include tax.