Daily and Weekly Walks
           Offered in NE, SE and Downtown Minneapolis

               $10 for 20 minute walk
    *$4 Additional pet from the same family
       *$5 charge if outside 3 mile radius
​*Prices do not include tax.

 Other Services

      $33 for one 20-30 minute massage (Certified)
    $7 Ear Cleaning
      Nail Trims : $10 (4 paws) $5 (2 paws)
    $10 Fluids per Pet. As always, other medications free!
  $25 Yard Poop Scoop

$5 Brushing
     $22 Trip to the Vet or Groomer

        (All charges are the owners responsibility.)
​    *Prices do not include tax.

Pet Sitting in my Home (NE Minneapolis)

          First Pet $29  *Additional pets from the same family $12 each

                Pick up or drop off of pets $5.  $8 outside of 3 mile radius

                         If pets are dropped off at my home after 7pm, it will be 1/2 off

                            the full day charge. If pets are picked up before 9am, it will

                              be 1/2 the full day charge. Pricing is per day, not in 24 hour

                           increments. *Pricing Includes Walks. *Does not include tax.

Day Care

(On an as needed basis)

      $18/day for one dog

     $13/day for second dog from same family

            *Prices include 1 walk per pet

                        *Prices include feedings

                           ​*$5 charge for pick up/drop off                                                within a 3 mile radius.

​                                *Prices do not include tax.

We accept Cash, Checks, and Paypal. Please confirm your total before using PayPal. Prices do not include tax. Hiring experienced dog walkers!

  Pet Sitting in your Home

   $20 for the first trip of the day
$10 for each additional daily trip
           $3 for each additional pet
                  $9 per 20 minute walk, per pet

               *Prices include potty breaks, feedings, play time, bringing in mail, lights, etc.
                                 *Prices do not include tax.